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French drivers to urge multi-functional NFC licenses




French driver’s square measure currently being issued with new multi-application driving licenses supported contactless good cards that contain each a public and a personal information space.

The non-public space will solely be accessed associate degreed verified by police and alternative authorities whereas the general public space is scan by an NFC phone and employed by third parties to, for example, store insurance details and virtual keys.


The new licenses square measure being introduced by ImprimerieNationale, the French national printing works, and use Gemalto’sSealysmulti-application electronic driver's license technology.


The polycarbonate driving licenses house associate degree ISO 14443 compliant microchip that features 2 storage areas, one for public and one for personal information. The non-public area are going to be accustomed store driver's license information in order that it is verified by cops in cases involving suspected fraud or alternative criminalness. The area provisioned for public usage are going to be offered to a range of service suppliers and can be ready to be scan by associate degree NFC phone.


“This ‘public space’ is accustomed store data like insurance details, therefore if a crash happened then a personal may devour insurance information of the opposite party by NFC,” says Gemalto.


“The other, a lot of spectacular, use is that it may host NFC key entry to a automobile — therefore you may access a vehicle employing a driver's license instead of a key. This may permit use in places like automobile rentals that would transfer keys to licenses and make sure that the proper person has access to a automobile.”


 Over time, Gemalto says, “Sealys offers the potential to rework the new French driver's license into a multi-application positive identification which will incorporate extra permit-related services, like following of driving permits and insurance, tax and vehicle certification details.”


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